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These five cats have been fostered by our dear "Friend-of-ARF" Rosemary. Some of the cats have been with her almost 2 years.

It is now time for these wonderful foster cats to get their Forever Homes.

If you are interested in one (or more) of these wonderful cats, please call Rosemary at 352.472.5483. Several of the cats are at PETCO on Saturdays from 9:30 am to 2:00 pm, but if you are interested is seeing a particular one, please call Rosemary.

Desi Ray
DESI RAY was a stray who has had the tip of one ear missing indicating has had been neutered. He is either a Birman or Himalayan mix and feels like cotton. His fur doesn't matte like many long-haired cats. Desi is very friendly and gets along well with the other foster cats.


CYNTHIA came from the shelter in June 2011 with her 4 kittens and they have all been adopted. However, Cynthia has tested positive for the Calisivirus which can be transmitted to other cats if they haven't been vaccinated. Cynthia would do best is a quite home.
She is very sweet and would her own home!

CURTIS came from the shelter in March 2011 with his mother and 3 siblings. (They have all been adopted.) Curtis is a big boy and loves attention.
If he doesn't get enough he will let you know!


DINAH came from the shelter in April 2012 with her 6 solid gray siblings. She is a love bug and just as sweet as she can be. She is still very much a kitten even though she's a year old.

DIXIE came from the shelter in March 2012 with her 6 kittens. They've all been adopted, but she is still in foster care. Dixie's favorite pastime is eating! She's very outgoing and loving; the purring never stops!

Page updated on: April 29, 2013