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Pets that have found their forever-home
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Buddy found his


Trixie's new family!

Trixie was adopted!

Rock Star found his forever home too.

Jake Update - Happily Reunited With His Original Family:

We had a miracle happen and it applies to Jake (Buddy). 

We have had him since Thanksgiving. We took him out of the shelter the day before he was to be euthanized and he has been at a foster home since then (four months).  He dug out of the yard on Saturday and was missing until last night.  Kim, Terry and I  rode up and down the roads, asking people if they had seen him, posted signs, stopped joggers etc.  I was sick about him being gone.  I got a call about  6 pm last night from the family who originally owned him and had been looking for him since November!  Their daughter had been driving down the road and Jake came out of the woods and stood there as if he were waiting for her.  She picked him up and took him home and they called me from seeing the signs I had posted.  I couldn't believe it!  That is a miracle - they lived at the other end of the street where Kim lives and what are the chances that they were driving down the road and found him?!!

 Four months we have had Jake/Buddy and the whole time he lived at the other end of the street. They said they called the shelter and no one recalled a dog like him. They were crying and excited and so was I.  I still can’t believe it! They brought him to Kim’s for her to verify his ID and we gave them his meds and records.  They reimbursed us for the rabies tag and offered to pay for his neutering.  I just wanted him back home safely. They brought his baby pictures with them!  I do believe in divine intervention and this was definitely it!

Wally was adopted

was adopted by a wonderful family!

Muffin was adopted

Mocha went to a Lab Rescue Group.


This is Zipper. 

He was adopted as a Valentine's day gift for Josh’s girlfriend.  He went to a great home and they love him!  


Zipper was one of 6 puppies dumped on the highway; just left in the middle of the road!

We took in all 6 and they all have been adopted.

This is Elfy. 

Elfy was in the shelter scheduled to be euthanized and we pulled her out literally in the nick of time.  She was recently adopted by a lovely family.

The family that adopted Elfy is awesome and love her so much.  We are so happy and thankful we found her the perfect forever-home and family.

Elfy and Napolean, her new housemate

She fit right in with him (he's a 10 pound pug and she's a 45 pound Bull Terrier/Dingo mix).

This is Bella (f/k/a LULU) the pup.  We adopted her out September 12, 2010 and her new owners brought her to the heart walk on Saturday at N. FL. Regional.

Bella and Daddy

Bella after the Heart Walk

The Heart Walk Team

This is Molly. The first 2 photos were taken 5 days after she was rescued. Molly was left on a 2 foot chain hooked to the side of a house with no shelter, food or water. She had sores on her belly and butt from laying in her own feces.

Picture on the right was taken after I'd had her for a year. She is doing GREAT!

Molly before
Molly Before #1
Molly Before #2

Molly After

Molly After #1
This is Bogey. He was rescued by my sister, Shannon. We managed to save Bogey and he was adopted by a wonderful family.

Bogey Before

Bogey After
The Group
Stacy (pink shirt) w/Bruiser adopted Aug. 2009, Jessie (center) with Sally
Lynn (red shirt) w/Cruiser adopted July 2009, and Rylee (front) with Joe Boxer

Serita Bonita - adopted
- the puppies' mom
was adopted on August 2009

Hoss adopted Summer 2009
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